For Professional & Home Users

Pharmacell and diagram

Benefits for users

Medicines compliance can be particularly difficult for those with a
complicated pill regime. Health professionals have been aware for many
years that non-compliance can result in unnecessary ill health to the
user and significant additional costs to health and socials services.
The use of Careousel® Automatic Pill Dispensers can be a significant aid
in improving the quality of life of users enabling them to remain
living independently at home.


Careousel® Automatic Pill Dispensers form an important part of an
overall ‚home care package‘ enabling easy maintenance of the prescribed
pill regime.
Enable self-medication and therefore avoids the need for carers, whether
professional or family to be present on every occasion that medication
is due, and therefore could reduce social care costs.


This advanced technology has been used in a single purpose – to make
it easy for the user. Once the medicine is engaged in Careousel® it
handles everything itself, day after day, week after week, month after
month. Nothing needs to be done than to put in medicine and to program
the times when medication is due to be taken.

Benefits to costs on the health service

A significant percentage of all admissions to hospitals and nursing
homes can be traced to failure by the elderly or vulnerable to take the
prescribed medication on time or in the correct dosage.

Pills and Tablets

Significant costs

This imposes significant costs on the health service through
unnecessary admissions to hospital, which take up valuable bed space and
staff time.
Additionally, there are recuperating patients who have to remain in
hospital longer than necessary for no other reason than they are unable
to administer their own medication.

Live independently

This places an additional strain on health service resources and can
push patients (particularly the elderly) into long term institutional
The Careousel® dispenser makes it easier to maintain the patient’s pill
regime, whilst enabling the patient to live independently at home.

Benefits for relatives

Family take increasing responsibility for our elderly. But it’s
impossible to always be present. The Careousel® helps to relieve the
strain on supporting family members.


The Careousel® presents only the dose that is due at the alarm time.
If despite the alarm sound the user does not take their medication, the
pills remain in the Careousel tray and it is possible to review the
doses missed. Using the ‘record’ function in the settings, it is also
possible to review the actual time that the user took their pills.